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what is then the use of error correction?

The use of monitor is very limited, but it is not useless at all. Some conscious knowledge of language can be eventually helpful. Acquisition does not, typically, provide us with 100% of a language; there is often a small residue of grammar, punctuation and spelling rules that even native speakers do not acquire, even after extensive aural and written comprehensible input.

In English, these can include the lie/lay distinction, the its/its distinction, and spelling demons such as “separate,” and “commitment” (how many t’s), and so on.

And because our standard for written communication is 100%, these aspects of language need to be learned, but it is important to note that they make up just a small part of our language competence, and we will acquire and learn about it as we do reading and writing.

Saya sendiri baru tahu saat menulis tulisan ini bahwa imbuhan yang benar adalah "mengoreksi" bukan "mengkoreksi," dan belum terlalu lama saya juga baru tahu bahwa benar adalah "sekadar," bukan "sekedar," dan berapa banyak dari kita yang tahu bahwa ada kata "derana" dalam perbendarahaan bahasa Indonesia? Saya tidak. Tentu masih ada lagi sisa aturan bahasa dan kosakata bahasa Indonesia lain yang belum kita serap. Tapi sisa aturan bahasa dan kosakata itu bisa kita peroleh sembari jalan karena kita sudah memiliki dasar intuisi bahasa Indonesia yang solid, dan bahasa Indonesia masih terus berkembang.

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